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My name is Sam Viavant.  I’m an ex and hopefully future traveler.  In January 2017, I decided to go to the end of South America and start jogging North.  It didn’t end up completely as planned, but I’ve kept the blog to record my trip and muse about life.  If you’re new to the site and want to start reading at the beginning, here’s the first post in the series. 

Happy searching, whoever you are and whatever you’re looking for 🙂

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The Gift of the Glaciers

There’s a pressure in the back of my head.  The sensation spreads into my hamstrings, and then my calves and my back and my butt.  It’s a slow, subtle waking, emerging imperceptibly from the void of sleep.  I’m still not fully alive.  There’s a sluggishness in my legs, as if the very cells of my…

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Bitching Won’t Help

It’s been two days since the camp near the cliffs.  Two days of fast, steady marching, over 50 kilometers a day.  And until a couple hours ago, it was two days of strong, sunny skies.  But now the weather hangs thick and cloudy, with the pressing weight of air about to rain.  It’s near sunset,…

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I Want to Climb

I’ve rested two days in Coyaique, stuffing my face with veggies and carbs.  The deadness in my body is gone.  Instead there’s a thrill as I tighten the straps on my pack.  I’d forgotten the sheer lust for moving that a healthy body can feel. I take my first steps at a joyous pace.  My…

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