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My name is Sam Viavant.  I’m an ex and hopefully future traveler.  In January 2017, I decided to go to the end of South America and start jogging North.  It didn’t end up completely as planned, but I’ve kept the blog to record my trip and muse about life.  If you’re new to the site and want to start reading at the beginning, here’s the first post in the series. 

Happy searching, whoever you are and whatever you’re looking for 🙂

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Careterra Austral

It’s been a couple of days since the rain, and it’s been three weeks since my shin flared up and forced me to stop walking North.  There’s no injury anymore, or none that I can feel.  And the rest of my body is strong too, refreshed by weeks of steak and wine and day-hikes without…

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Stop Fucking RAINING!

I’m staggering into the wind.  It’s wrestling me back from the summit like an animal defending its territory, pushing and feinting and easing and pouncing back stronger.  The ground is a barren field of rock, with nowhere to hide from the air forcing the faintest gaps in my clothes.  The harshest blasts make my eyes…

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Cerro Torre

This is the next post in a long trip in South America. For the previous post, click here. For the first post in the series, click here. I’ve rested in Puerto Natales for a week, reading and writing and chilling in a hostel.  Now I’m recovered enough to hike again.  But I’m not going back…

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