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My name is Sam Viavant.  I’m an ex and hopefully future traveler.  In January 2017, I decided to go to the end of South America and start jogging North.  It didn’t end up completely as planned, but I’ve kept the blog to record my trip and muse about life.  If you’re new to the site and want to start reading at the beginning, here’s the first post in the series. 

Happy searching, whoever you are and whatever you’re looking for 🙂

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The Last Sunset

I feel a wave of apprehension as the ferry approaches land.  For three hours I could tune out of my body, into the beauty of the coastline.  I could gaze at fjords and cliffs and just appreciate them, without having to weigh them as obstacles.  But now that the boat ride is over, I’m worried…

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Every Step Helps

I wake up hungry.  Time to find whatever grocery store serves the ferry terminal.  But It turns out there isn’t a grocery store, just a really over-priced restaurant.  I’d pass it up, but I’m completely out of food.  I try to eat my scrambled eggs and toast slowly, even though I’d love to demolish the…

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I Walked From There

It’s been four days since the sickness, and all traces have gone.  If anything I feel better than normal.  Maybe I needed the time off my feet, and the sickness gave a rest I would never have taken otherwise.  All I know is that I’m stronger than I’ve been in weeks.  I’m also nearing the…

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